Managed Monitoring

Anyone who works with IT components knows the importance of constantly monitoring performance and services. Failures of devices or services due to technical errors or overload can sometimes be critical for the whole company! Wagner IT Systems Managed Monitoring will be your friend in fast troubleshooting.

Objectives of the monitoring?

As a basic goal of monitoring you can consider the smooth operation of your company’s IT infrastructure. The motto “What you can’t measure, you can’t manage!” in current IT can be referred to Service Level Agreements (SLA) in particular. It is important to know the values to be achieved in order to meet the SLA.

What does Managed Monitoring monitor?

With our Managed Monitoring we have the possibility to monitor a large number of devices and values. This includes servers, virtual machines, Windows systems, Linux systems, storage systems, routers, switches or access points.

The CPU usage, memory usage, storage consumption, update status, network usage, availability (example Internet availability, see graphic), etc. are recorded and graphically displayed.

Wagner IT Systems Managed Monitoring Internet Connection

availability of internet connection

How do we monitor?

Wagner IT Systems uses the open source tool Icinga2 for monitoring. This tool is operated by us directly in the cloud (in the data center). This system performs important checks, such as the availability of Internet access.

In addition, we can install a so-called Icinga satellite in your network if you wish. This satellite is responsible for monitoring your infrastructure from the network and transmitting the results to the managed monitoring server in the cloud.

Wagner IT Systems Managed Monitoring Satellite Setup

How do you get access to Managed Monitoring?

You have several possibilities to use our monitoring system for yourself. The easiest way is to transfer the monitoring to Wagner IT Systems. In doing so, we take over the monitoring of your IT infrastructure and immediately start troubleshooting should a problem occur.

Furthermore, you can have alarm e-mails sent to you, which are generated by the system in case of a service failure. Thus you will receive a notification within a few minutes that an error has occurred, which system it is and what exactly happened. This enables you to get your system up and running again as quickly as possible.

The third option is to use the Managed Monitoring website. If you wish, you can access the data of your systems there and see immediately whether all services are running properly.