Network Professionals

Network professionals use their expertise to ensure the smooth operation of your IT network.

What tasks do we fulfill?

Our goal is to offer, install and configure a function-oriented and economical solution for your network. We attach great importance to the availability of the network and the standards of IT security. That’s why we work together with you to find a solution for your network that not only maps the existing functionalities, but also offers scope for the development of your company in order to offer you maximum investment protection.

Which components belong to a network?

A company network basically consists of the following components, whereby components may be missing depending on company size and security requirements:

  • Router,
  • Switch,
  • Accesspoint,
  • Firewall.


The router is the component that provides your access to the Internet through your provider. Business class routers also provide additional functionality such as DHCP servers, multiple IP networks, integrated WLAN access point, integrated LTE modem for resilience, and some security features.


You need a switch for your network if you want to network a larger number of devices. This includes servers, network printers, document scanners, WLAN access points or workstation computers. Accordingly, it is important to consider the number of devices to be networked, as there are switches with different numbers of network ports (typically between 8 and 48 ports in a business environment). In addition, devices from the business environment offer additional functions to prioritize and optimize data traffic in the network.


An access point provides WLAN access for mobile devices in your network. Since many employees have a notebook and a smartphone, the WLAN infrastructure should be adapted to the number of devices. In addition, the provision of a guest WLAN for the guests in your company is now standard. It is important to note that access from the guest WLAN to the company network is not possible in order to guarantee the security of your data.


The firewall is the last piece of the puzzle in the corporate network. It serves the security of your network and excludes uninvited guests. However, it is sufficient, especially for small businesses, if you use the internal firewall of the router, because it offers a basic security.

Network Professionals