System Administrator

As a system administrator, we offer you services from a single hand.

What is a system administrator?

Our mission statement of a system administrator combines the most important functions to your IT infrastructure from network, to server to workstation.

These functions are:

  • Network Administrator,
  • Network Manager,
  • System Administrator,
  • System Manager.

Network Administrator

As a network administrator, we keep an eye on your network, because your network is the backbone of your digital communication. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully configure, regularly update and monitor the components (routers, switches, access points). Regular renewal is also an important part of the life cycle of your network. The goal is to minimize downtime and maximize comfort for you.

Network Manager

As network manager, we retain an overview of the documentation of your network and the installed components. Therefore we create a documentation of the components and their configuration for you during the initial setup of your system or when taking over an existing system. On request, we will prepare a graphically prepared network documentation (network plan) for you. This enables us to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your network at any time.

System Administrator

As a system administrator, our task is to configure your servers and workstations. Thus you can concentrate on the essential points of your work and do not waste time with the laborious training in the most different systems. Together with you, we work out the required scope of functions and create a requirements plan containing all important components, software solutions and work steps. We then implement this requirement plan for you, so that you receive a professionally set up system. We attach particular importance to the legal requirements regarding IT security and data protection.

System Manager

As a system manager, we see ourselves as responsible for “the big picture”, because only with an optimally planned, optimally configured and optimally documented IT system can you carry out your work professionally and satisfy your customers. We always provide you with an IT system that is suitable for your tasks and your budget, including professional support.

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System Administrator