Managed Server

In addition to the pure cloud software solutions as Managed Services, we have now also integrated a cloud server solution for our customers into our portfolio – the Managed Server.

What are Managed Servers from Wagner IT Systems?

Managed servers from Wagner IT Systems combine the advantages of a virtual and a dedicated server for you. Despite virtualization, we offer you guaranteed CPU cores, whereby you always have full access to the performance of your system. Thus we offer you full performance with full flexibility in the cloud. When choosing the storage medium, you have the choice between fast SSD hard disks or large SAS hard disks. This gives you the choice of what configuration is required for your application.

Which Managed Servers are available?

We currently offer four different configurations, each of them can be ordered with SSD memory. The bandwidth of processor cores ranges from two to 10. We also offer you enough space for your application with the main memory from 8GB to 64GB. The storage capacities range from 160GB to 2000GB SSD memory.

What additional services are there?

We assume that you need a complete system and do not want to worry about the procurement of operating system and antivirus solution. Therefore we provide our servers with Windows Server 2016 Datacenter operating system and AVIRA antivirus solution on request. This gives you a system that you can start using immediately after the server has been handed over by us.

Managed Server