We burn for your IT!

We want to transfer this motivation to our customers and thus manage and continuously develop our customers’ IT infrastructure.
Our comprehensive consulting is complemented by the appropriate hardware and software products, but also by our managed services.

Concentrate on the core competence of your company and trust Wagner IT Systems as your IT service provider.

Our Managed Services
The year 2018 was the year of managed services for Wagner IT Systems. We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of cloud services, whereby our customers replace the long-term costs of their own hardware or software with a predictable monthly amount.

Currently, we offer different services for data storage and synchronization:

Services to meet legal requirements:

Services to deploy your IT infrastructure in the cloud:

In addition, our latest product, your digital password manager:

  • Managed Passwordsafe

Do you need a service that we do not yet offer? Then contact us and we will work out a solution together.