Managed Cloud-Space

Managed Cloud Space – Simple and Good

Reduce the effort and cost of storing and distributing your employees’ data. We accompany you professionally and step by step through a short setup process and take over the operation of the cloud for you from now on.

  • Monthly and usage-dependent costs instead of high investment costs
  • No need to purchase hardware or license additional software
  • The solution is configured individually according to your requirements
  • The operation and maintenance of the solution is taken over by Wagner IT Systems for you.
  • We ensure that the necessary server and storage resources are available even with increasing storage consumption.

A solution without compromise

A fully-fledged cloud for every customer

It doesn’t matter how many users or how much storage space you need. The cloud architecture adapts to your individual needs and grows with them.

Long-term independence

Managed cloud space is not a one-way street. Your data can be completely re-exported at any time, without any loss of information and in standard storage formats and transferred to your company.

Absolute confidentiality of your data

You can store your data encrypted to achieve a maximum of data security. In addition, the servers on which the data is stored are located in Germany and are administered exclusively by Wagner IT Systems.

Convenient and fast access

Your employees can access and synchronize the data via a client application for Windows, Linux or Mac, via Web Access or even mobile.

Safety and security

You’re probably asking yourself if this is safe for your data? Just have a look at the following page:

Managed Cloud Space Security Test

We ensure that the application is always up to date and that all security updates are installed promptly. This provides the basis for the security of the system. In addition to the generally high security standard that we expect from us, you can store your data encrypted on the server. So you can be sure of the confidentiality of your data.


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