Managed Services

What are Managed Services?

Managed Services are IT services that Wagner IT Systems provides for a customer. These are recurring services that are precisely defined in terms of scope and availability. Services to be provided can be applications, network services, storage space, security or the monitoring of IT infrastructures.

What are the advantages of Managed Services?

Thanks to Managed Services, our customers can concentrate more on their core business and do not have to spend any resources on the provision of IT services themselves.

The costs are billed monthly and our customers have a precise overview of the costs. Expensive purchases of hardware and software are eliminated!

What are the typical services of Managed Services in the IT environment?

Managed services cover a wide range of IT service needs.

Typical services are:

  • Applications (provision of server applications)
  • Storage services (provision of storage space, backup services)
  • Monitoring services (network and server monitoring)
  • Desktop services (virtual desktops)
  • database services

Which Managed Services does Wagner IT Systems offer?

Wagner IT Systems currently offers the following Managed Services:

  • Managed Mail Archive: a platform for legally compliant and easy-to-use e-mail archiving,
  • Managed Cloud Space: Cloud storage space that can be easily accessed by your employees via a website, Windows application or mobile application,
  • Managed Server: virtual servers in the cloud, where we take care of the provisioning of the operating system and hand over the server to you,
  • Managed Monitoring: Server monitoring in the cloud to monitor your server and network infrastructure,
  • Managed Applications: We take care of the provision of a virtual server and operate it for you.

Wagner IT Systems Managed Services