Digitization Consultants

Digitisation consultants are at your side to help you implement digitisation measures in your company, because digitisation affects all types of businesses.

What is digitisation?

The term digitization refers in the actual sense to the conversion of analog values (letter, invoice in paper form, accounting on paper) into digital formats (e-mail, digital documents).

Digitisation consultant in the company

In the following we show you some areas in your company that are subject to digitization and which we support as digitization consultants.

Your own domain

The cornerstone of digitization is the protection of your own domain on the Internet, as in our case wagneritsystems.de. Thus your customers have a recognition value, which they associate with your company. Also the costs of a few Euros per year are a good investment for every company. In addition, your own domain is the basis for your own website and e-mail addresses.

Your own website

Your flagship on the Internet is your own website. On this website your customers can inform themselves about your products, services, but also about the company philosophy.

Many offers for a free website are circulating on the Internet, we advise all our customers against it. These websites are linked to the addresses of the provider and do not offer your customers recognition. Accordingly, an own domain and a professional web hosting is recommended.

E-mail communication

To ensure professional communication with your customers, an e-mail address is indispensable. It represents your company and, if implemented correctly, offers a high level of representativeness for your company. Accordingly, it is important that you do not create an e-mail address with any free provider. Representative are e-mail addresses with your company name as domain e.g. info@yourcompany.de or contact@yourcompany.de.


Your company network is the backbone of your company communication to the outside world. Accordingly, it should be professionally planned and implemented. If your network doesn’t work, the communication doesn’t work anymore either, which can quickly result in a great financial loss or a loss of trust with your customers. A more detailed description of the topic can be found in the section Network Professionals.


Server is a topic for every company. Even the sole proprietor needs a central storage space for the backups of his PC. For larger companies, the central administration of user accounts, application data or even merchandise management systems, customer management systems or warehouse systems are added. A good server system should be adapted to the respective customer. The available memory and performance should be designed for the planned application. But the growth of the company should also be taken into account, as server systems are normally designed for a period of five years. In the sales area you will find our partners, whose products we offer you.

workstation PCs

As digitisation consultants, we also help you with the workstation Pcs, because a well-equipped workstation is the basis for a good job. This involves the selection of equipment (PC, screen, mouse, keyboard) and software. In this way, we create a uniform standard within the company that provides all your employees with the basis for a professional working day.


Servers and workstation PCs are of little help if no suitable software is available. We help you to choose the right choice for your company in order to be able to map the work processes optimally.

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