Managed Mail-Archive

Your new legally compliant e-mail archiving – now simple and secure as Managed Service from Wagner IT Systems with Managed Mail Archive.

Legal basis of Managed Mail Archive

Applicable legal requirements force companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to store e-mails completely, tamper-proof and traceable at any time for many years. If the management does not comply with this obligation, there is a risk of severe sanctions.

With the help of our Managed Mail Archive, your company can reliably meet these requirements and at the same time benefit from all the other advantages of modern e-mail archiving.

Advantages of e-mail archiving

  • Compliance with all relevant legal requirements
  • Protection against data loss
  • Relieve email servers and eliminate PST files
  • Reduce storage requirements
  • Simplification of backup and restore processes
  • Fast search access to all emails increases productivity

Absolute confidentiality of your data

Although as a service provider we are responsible for storing your data and maintaining your archive, we do not have direct access to its contents. In other words: We administer the encrypted archive “from outside” and do not need access to your confidential data. If such an internal access were to take place, this would be automatically logged and would be immediately recognizable for you as a customer.

Convenient and fast access

All employees can access the archived emails via a seamless integration in Microsoft Outlook and search them extremely quickly. Access can also be made via the familiar folder structure. In addition, Managed Mail Archive offers Web Access and Mobile Web Access for smartphones and tablets.

Avoid complexity and high costs

With Managed Mail Archive you can reduce the effort and costs for the project “Introduction of an e-mail archiving solution” to a minimum.

We accompany you professionally and step by step through a short setup process and take over the operation of the archive as a managed service.

  • Monthly and usage-dependent costs instead of high investment costs.
  • No need to purchase hardware or license additional software.
  • We plan the solution individually according to your requirements.
  • We take over the operation and maintenance of the solution.
  • We ensure that the necessary server and storage resources are available even with increasing e-mail volumes.


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