Office 365 for working council

Office 365 is one of the most widely used software solutions in companies worldwide. Accordingly, you as a works council are faced with the challenge of developing a regulation.

What is Office 365?

The basic question is often, what is Office 365 anyway and what makes it so special. In our seminar you will get a comparison between “classic” Office and “new” Office. You will learn about the differences and the complexity of the new system. In this context, there is often talk of Microsoft 365. After the seminar, you will know the differences and what to look out for. Closely related to this are also the questions “What is actually cloud computing?” and “Where does our data actually reside?”. Wagner IT Systems clarifies these questions specifically tailored to your needs as a works council.

Application Overview

Office 365 now consists of more than 30 applications. We show you the most important apps in a live demo. In addition, you will receive important information on data protection law to protect the employees in your organization. You will learn which measures can be implemented technically and which limitations should be included in a company agreement. Furthermore, you will receive strategically important tips for the introduction and control of agreements.

Performance and behavior control in Office 365

With every new software, you as a works council will certainly ask yourself which evaluations are possible and how performance and behavior control is possible. We will show you the possibilities of Office 365 and what you can do about them using striking examples.
You will get to know applications that have a special need for regulation.

Behind the scenes

At the end of the seminar, we will venture together into the Admin Center of Office 365, where you will see the Licensing Overview (Which licenses have been rented by your organization), the Data Locations (Where is the account data located) and some basic settings (e.g. update cycle) that your organization can configure. We show you usage reports, such as the login log for user logins. You’ll see what information can be gleaned from it and how it can be used to monitor performance and behavior.

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Office 365